Joy 2 Ride Benzie

How Can You Help?

Volunteer! There are many steps always ongoing to this program. There will always be a need for many things from volunteers for piloting, marketing, fundraising, to T‐shirts, signs, and helmets, not to mention insurance, storage, & more so if you would like to get involved in any way, please let us know who you are, and how you would like to help!

Information for Volunteers who offer to “Pilot”.

All volunteers must be trained and log ride time AND pilot time on the trail before taking out a guest passenger.

Be advised you will need to commit to at least a 2-4 hour time slot for each ride. We often will take out 2 at a time on a ride so this will allow our guests to meet us, get comfortably settled in, take 20 minutes to a half hour (or longer) ride, and enjoy plenty of easy going conversation with you; their volunteer, plus getting them comfortably back to their transportation. 

If you are accompanying a rider as an escort, you also need to be trained so as to know and understand the wheelchair bike and program. Friends and/or family members are always welcome and ENCOURAGED to ride along to share in this special ride. (Conundrum Cafe in Elberta offers bike rentals)

To ensure the safety and peace of mind of our passengers and their families, becoming a certified volunteer entails the following:

1. Be at least 21 years of age.

2. Pass a background check.  Applicants will be disqualified if they have criminal records, sex offenses, and/or repeated motor vehicle violations in their report.

3. Sign an original copy of the Joy 2 Ride Benzie Waiver Agreement. 

4. Log ride time (as both a pedaler & passenger) with one of our trained volunteers. Prior to certification, no one may take out a passenger other than a trainer or another volunteer. Single wheelchair bikes must be accompanied by another person riding a bicycle who is also certified.

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