Joy 2 Ride Benzie

How the Program Works

For “piloting” & for co-piloting (riding tandem).  We will always have other trained volunteers riding a bike separately as “eyes and ears” along the trail, as an extra hand, or in case of an emergency. Training provided by J2R. We can always use volunteers in many other ways also, from fundraising and marketing, to maintenance or help with ideas and more! You name how you’d like to help!

We typically “start” and “finish” our rides somewhere along the paved route of the Betsie Valley Trail between Elberta & Crystal Lake, but sometimes expand further.

Joy 2 Ride Benzie does not have the means to get our Guest riders to and from our “starting point” so we ask that you provide your own transportation.

The guest rider, volunteer “pilot”, and tandem rider will together decide how long they want to ride that particular day. The average ride will be about about 20-30 minutes but could be shorter or longer. Speed will be approximately 5-8mph to fully enjoy the fresh air and scenery of the trail in a slow and relaxing way.

Our Guest “Riders”
Most anyone can ride, but there are a few requirements. Most everyone can participate expect for individuals who have severe postural issues, decubitus ulcers, or other conditions that prohibit them from sitting upright in the wheelchair. Also those with extreme, unpredictable behaviors, and those with acute illnesses can not be a “rider”.

If you know someone who would love a ride, email us at or call or text 231-651-0434

Approximately June ‐ October (more or less depending on weather. Ride days always weather dependent also.)

Donations always needed
We are always in need of raising funds to continue the free program. From recruiting volunteers & participants, to storage, transportation, maintenance, supplies (helmets, signs, forms, marketing), the insurance for bikes, volunteers, & riders, and of course to purchase another bike or two for more people to enjoy the trail!

The Bikes

The Duet™ is an orthopedically shaped fiberglass wheelchair attached to the back half of a bicycle with a battery assist pack to aid on hills and to provide a smoother ride. The chair has good suspension and light handling, and its off road tires are excellent on gravel and dirt tracks if needed although we prefer to stay on pavement. There are twin drum brakes on the chair’s wheel, and a back‐ pedal brake on the cycle wheel.

The bikes can accommodate both a “pilot” rider up to 275 pounds and a passenger up to 275 pounds. The bikes have battery powered motor assist, which enables trained volunteer “pilots” of all ages and athletic ability to volunteer to pedal and not worry about being “strong enough” to pilot the vehicle.

The DUET has been safety tested and has passed US and Canadian government regulations.