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    Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Get Outdoors!

    Joy 2 Ride is a 501(c)3 non profit organization offering a FREE Community Service along the beautiful Betsie Valley Trail in Benzie County!

    We are proud to have been the first program of this kind in Michigan with only a “handful” of programs in the entire nation still.

    The program allows individuals who are physically unable to pedal/ride a bike, the opportunity to enjoy our fantastic Betsie Valley Trail, by using a specially designed wheelchair bike and volunteer “pilots”. This is for the elderly, challenged, disabled either permanently or temporarily from illness, and those of any age. Our guests do NOT necessarily have to be “disabled” BUT perhaps just unable to pedal/ride a bike themselves! This Wheelchair Bike is designed to let someone else do the pedaling while the guest enjoys the view. Just sit back, relax and let us do the “work”!

    We also always encourage caregivers, family, friends to bring their own bikes and ride along with the guest rider! Come and ride along to JOIN us in the JOY!             (If family/friends don’t have a bike or ability to bring it along to ride with us, just ask us for the local bike rental options available)

    Research has shown that getting outside for any kind of recreational activity can help combat depression greatly, not only in long term facilities but anyone battling any physical or mental challenge!

    Our goals are to get people out in the fresh air and sunshine, encourage socialization, and help improve mood for the rider and volunteers! There is SO much benefit to be had along the trail for all!

    We are always in need of many things from volunteers, to fundraising, marketing help, T‐shirts, signs, helmets, not to mention insurance, storage, future projects, bikes, expansion etc. SO  – if you would like to donate or get involved in ANY way, PLEASE contact us!

    THANK YOU so much for your support – Carol Kraak, Founder, & President

    Please watch this inspiring video shared by Barb Brown of Healing Rides who was inspiration behind Joy 2 Ride Benzie!